Yessenia Cossio Stunting in Hollywood Like Nobody Else

Shuan Barber
3 min readFeb 4, 2021


Dreams, they say, are just wishes unless work goes into making them happen. This explains Yessenia Cossio’s journey into Hollywood and the steps she has taken to make the journey worth it for her. Being a stuntwoman in Hollywood for her is a means to an end. Even though she enjoys being one, her final destination is getting into mainstream Hollywood as an actress in a major film. Her story, quite typical of the average Hollywood star, involved a lot of self-realization and discovery. At the young age of nine, Yessenia Cossio fell in love with music, and she enrolled in classes at her school and church. A few years later, she discovered that she had a stronger love for acting, and she spent a great deal of her adult years trying to get into the movies industry.

She took different jobs and spent 7 years working through them to save up enough money to afford her acting classes. By the time she got into the industry, it took her only a couple of years to land roles as a stuntwoman in hit TV shows and movies. For a long time, all Yessenia Cossio prayed for was to see herself on TV. While she worked at Best Buy, she remembered dreaming about working for Marvel Studios when The Avengers film came on one of the TV loops. Today, Yessenia Cossio has worked on the Netflix Marvel TV show, The Punisher, and a host of others.

Yessenia’s dream is to live a life in which she makes a difference in the world. In her words, “Simply living to exist is not enough for me. I have lived my life up this point with humility, hard work, determination and patience, and I believe that consistency will bring my dreams alive and get me to a point where I can change lives.” Right after working multiple jobs for about 7 years, Yessenia became a stuntwoman in a male-dominated industry. She has worked in some major films and TV shows, but her primary goal is to act herself and get in front of the camera. She wants to be on screen as herself playing roles that can inspire young women and kids worldwide.

Building her brand and career in filmmaking started as a way to channel her anxiety disorder, and she started doing that by going into fitness. From fitness, she took up stunt acting and is now on course to break into Hollywood as a screen actor who will perform all her stunts. Her five year-goal is to build her brand to a point where younger people can look up to her for inspiration. She also hopes to sign a movie contract with one of the big movie studios like Marvel, DC, or Disney. As her passion to help and build others up waxes stronger, Yessenia Cossio intends to launch a non-profit organization toward curing anxiety disorder and depression. “I want people to remember me because I sparked something in them or inspired them to keep going no matter what! I want to be the reason one day why someone never gave up. I also want to bring awareness to the world of strong women, the stunt industry, and everything we go through, as well as parkour athletes. I feel it’s not highlighted enough and or given enough credit for,” she says.

Learn more about Yessenia Cossio on her official website.