ProductMentor Pursues Bigger Opportunities to Joint Venture with Investors and Entrepreneurs by Relocating to Texas

Shuan Barber
2 min readJun 19, 2021


As Texas continues to attract some of the country’s biggest businesses due to its desirable business environment, the state recently welcomed another addition after ProductMentor relocated to the area from California. The company offers Done-With-You Joint Venture opportunities that are designed to help entrepreneurs license or launch mobile applications and products.

The move to Texas is something that the company views as very lucrative for the business and their clients. The ProductMentor management team believes that better opportunities await those who dare to venture into new areas, both literally and figuratively, to fulfill their dreams.

The company specializes in helping entrepreneurs with all aspects of establishing or growing a business, including patent protection, fundraising, app development, product development, and industry connections. ProductMentor caters to the vital needs of all startups through its battle-tested systems, tools, and resources.

ProductMentor’s recent business migration from California to Texas is a strategic move to enjoy better economies of scale, which translates into more value and impact for their clients.

“As an ambassador of entrepreneurship, we need to lead by example and migrate where it’s more conducive to do business and start companies,” chief executive officer Mike Corradini explained.

This new opportunity allows ProductMentor to expand and further increase its impact on the country and the economy as a whole.

“I believe entrepreneurs should go where they are treated best. Texas allows us to operate with lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a lower cost of doing business, which allows us to deliver even more value,” Corradini revealed.

“Our mission is as large as the wonderful state of Texas,” added Kody Knighton, ProductMentor’s COO. “That is to provide joint venture opportunities for inventors who want to license their product, entrepreneurs who want to launch their products or apps, and business owners who want to take their venture to the next level.”

Over the years, ProductMentor and its team of highly committed and hardworking individuals have helped more than 500 entrepreneurs begin, launch, and grow their businesses. Apart from inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs, it is also dedicated to educating and equipping others to live life on their terms. Whatever their startup may be, ProductMentor is there to lend a helping hand. Ultimately, the company is all about helping people build the kind of business and lifestyle that they dream of having.

Learn more about ProductMentor and how to access its Done-With-You Joint Venture Program to establish or elevate a business by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects.