Kat Alyst Shares Exclusive News for Upcoming Works and Updates from Quarantine Life

Shuan Barber
3 min readOct 2, 2020
Photo: “Transcending Heaven”, from upcoming show, “Someone is Trying to Tell You Something”

Multi-talented photographer, graphic designer, social media coordinator, and artist Kat Alyst is launching a personal photo story exclusively expressing narratives and stories from her life. “I’m going to call it: Someone is Trying to Tell You Something,” she shared with us. Realizing that the time has come for her to boldly step out of her comfort zone to share her vulnerabilities through her photography with the world, she is reaching out to people who are searching for meaning, inspiration, and support. By backing and sharing her experiences and struggles with issues that resonate with her personal beliefs, she is adding value to her artworks and motivating people to stand up for what is right and encourages support for one another.

During the quarantine, Kat Alyst has been writing a book — a memoir of her life from earlier times. “It’s still a working title for sure,” she laughs, “and this will be the third time I’ve started over from scratch.” The memoir intends to give readers a glimpse into her unique life to understand what made her pursue the uncommon path she took. Memories she writes about in her book will reflect the artwork created as well.

It’s easy to see why people are drawn to the quality of her work, the details with color, and her distinct style in messages and composition. She is on the rise as she eyes to make herself more visible in the art industry come 2021.

“I feel like I let people in during a dark place in life by sharing the ups and downs and staying transparent through most of the process. Though I’ve found a lot of myself from the experiences, I still have so far to go too! My beliefs and values never fluctuated even if my interests did… so I’ve always believed it’s important to amplify those around you while you’re still working on ‘you’. I want to motivate and inspire others without some visage or game, like not pretending life was easy breezy for me, or like I never have problems to deal with. I want everyone to know if they didn’t start with all the cards to get to their goals, keep going and find a way to use those cards to get where you want to be,” Kat says.

We think one of her most admirable attributes is her honesty. She doesn’t sugarcoat and always stays authentic to the people around her no matter what her situation may be as a professional. Whether she is high or low, she remains the same forward-looking individual who believes that standing up for the right cause makes a lot of difference in this time and age. When she has more than what she needs, Kat finds fulfillment in being able to support her friends, fellow artists, multiple non-profits, important advocacies such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and more. By being true to herself, Kat’s genuine nature is easily radiated in her work, relationships, and way of life.

The talented photographer and gifted artist sees herself continuing her advocacy on racial equality in life and in the industry, the same battle she has been trying to back for years. She hopes to witness the time that comes when everyone will be seen and treated equally, and people will be appreciated regardless of their race and gender. Moreover, Kat has big plans in the next five years, but first starting with the new show that will launch in 2021.

Keep up with Kat and learn more about her by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.