Joanna Sagrero Unveils Her Secrets to Digital Marketing Success and the Easiest Way to Create Passive Income in 30 Days

Shuan Barber
4 min readSep 19, 2023


Photo Credits: JoAnna Sagrero

Southern California has always been a hub of dreams, ambition, and sunny opportunities. One such story of tenacity and triumph is that of JoAnna Sagrero, a passionate entrepreneur who turned her life around through digital marketing. JoAnna, a devoted mother and wife, is not just a digital marketer; she’s a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to carve their own path to success.

In 2016, JoAnna dipped her toes into the world of online entrepreneurship just as influencer marketing was taking its baby steps. She started a fashion blog, igniting a spark that would later blaze into a roaring fire of success.

A significant turning point in JoAnna’s life came in 2017 when she delved deeper into her friend’s network marketing business and realized the potential it held. With determination and faith, she decided to jump into the network marketing arena, even though the initial income was meager, barely covering the cost of her monthly product shipments.

JoAnna’s relentless pursuit of business success kept her going, but she yearned for a more efficient way to build her team and reach potential customers. The traditional methods of prospecting and selling, such as making lists of friends and family or reaching out to strangers online, felt limiting. Her curiosity for more effective business strategies led her to explore the world of digital marketing, a realm built on systems and automation designed to prospect and sell with minimal manual effort.

Photo Credits: JoAnna Sagrero

In 2018, JoAnna took a leap of faith and invested $3,000 in her first digital marketing course. It was a transformative experience, opening her eyes to the endless possibilities of digital and affiliate marketing online. While she made some sales during this period, the income was not as substantial as she had hoped for. Her dream was to achieve those coveted $1,000 days.

After eight months of intensive learning in the course and exploring different business types, JoAnna made a surprising decision. She chose to temporarily step away from entrepreneurship to pursue her passion for worship ministry at her church, something she had been devoted to for over two decades.

The year 2019 marked a period of reflection for JoAnna. As she contemplated her future on a rainy Christmas day in the mountains, a quiet voice whispered in her heart, “Pursue it. If you trust me, I will do above and beyond what you can even ask or think. Just trust me.” She knew it was a God-orchestrated calling, a sign to revisit the world of entrepreneurship.

In 2020, JoAnna made a resolute commitment to her success. She pledged to create real wealth for herself and her family, leaving no room for excuses. Her first digital product, an ebook, marked the beginning of a new chapter. Leveraging her love for Instagram, JoAnna implemented marketing techniques she had learned from her previous courses. She fine-tuned strategies for Instagram, incorporating boosted ads to increase her reach and started generating passive income.

It was during this period that JoAnna realized she had cracked the code to digital marketing success. She started refining her techniques and experimenting with new strategies, and the results were remarkable. By January 2021, she achieved her first $9,000 in sales within just 30 days. JoAnna’s dedication and innovation propelled her to consistent $10,000 to $20,000 months that year, ultimately leading her to establish her own company, IG Boss Babes Co.

JoAnna’s passion for automation and systems that allow for financial freedom is the cornerstone of her approach. She has transformed her life into a work-from-anywhere adventure, embodying the concept of making money while she sleeps. Her dedication to helping others create multiple streams of passive income is evident in her journey and the birth of IG Passive Profits.

JoAnna’s journey from a struggling mama to a multiple six-figure entrepreneur is a testament to her unwavering commitment to mastering digital marketing. Her success story is a beacon of hope for countless women who aspire to create passive income streams for themselves and their families.

As she continues to build her empire, JoAnna is not content with just her own success. Her passion lies in coaching and empowering other mamas to build digital marketing businesses from home using her step-by-step formula. She understands the importance of real marketing strategies that not only work but also provide the freedom and flexibility to live life on one’s terms.

JoAnna Sagrero has emerged as a shining star in the digital marketing world, not just because of her impressive success but also because of her unwavering commitment to helping others achieve their dreams. Her journey is an inspiring reminder that with faith, determination, and the right strategies, anyone can carve a path to financial freedom and live life on their terms.