How RED PAC Dominated Four Down-Ballot Races in the Mississippi Primary

Shuan Barber
4 min readAug 21, 2023

In a striking display of political efficacy, the RED (Rural Economic Development) PAC recently targeted four down-ballot races in the Mississippi primary, achieving an impressive win in each contest. Their strategic moves and influence in local politics underscore the increasing significance of Political Action Committees (PACs) in shaping the political landscape at every level. Let’s take a closer look at the four races and the outcomes.

In a political climate where every move is scrutinized and every strategy debated, RED PAC’s recent triumphs in the Mississippi primary stand out as a testament to their prowess and understanding of the electoral landscape. The PAC’s foray into four down-ballot races wasn’t merely a sporadic gamble; it was a calculated effort to bolster local conservative politics and underline the importance of strong grassroots movements.

RED PAC’s approach to these races combined astute political strategy with on-the-ground mobilization to effectively reach out to the electorate.

1. District 2 Supervisor — Lowndes County:

In Lowndes County’s District 2 Supervisor race, Trip Hairston, backed by RED PAC, emerged as the clear winner, garnering a whopping 1,064 votes, which overshadowed Brad Holliman’s tally of 291. Hairston’s victory by such a wide margin demonstrates not only his personal appeal but also the reach and effectiveness of the support he received.

2. District 5 Republic Primary — Forrest County Supervisor:

Forrest County saw Terri Bell, another candidate endorsed by RED PAC, securing a dominant 68% (1,394 individual votes) in the District 5 Republican primary for the Supervisor position. Her opponent, Douglas “Butch” Benedict Jr., managed to claim only 645 votes — 32%. Bell’s sweeping win accentuates the influence of a well-orchestrated campaign strategy and the backing of a powerful PAC.

3. District 3 Supervisor — Desoto County:

In what was seen as another triumph for RED PAC, Ray Denison secured a commendable 65.29% of the vote, amounting to 1,693 ballots cast in his favor. His opponent, Bobby Reed, received 888 votes, making up 34.25% of the total. Denison’s victory margin, while not as vast as in some of the other races, still stands as a testament to the potency of RED PAC’s endorsement and campaign strategies.

4. Lauderdale County — Supervisor Dist. 2-Rep:

The Republican primary in Lauderdale County for District 2 Supervisor witnessed Wayman Newell, backed by RED PAC, claiming an admirable 65% of the votes, translating to 991 ballots. In contrast, Eric Johnson, also a Republican, secured only 35%, which amounted to 539 votes. This win reaffirmed the strength of RED PAC’s campaign efforts and its ability to tilt the balance in favor of its chosen candidates.

The ability of RED PAC to successfully back winners in all four down-ballot races demonstrates their effective strategic planning, financial resources, and grassroots mobilization.

RED PAC’s impressive win ratio of over 83% has firmly cemented its reputation as a major influencer in the American political landscape, especially in the realm of down-ballot races. This achievement is no fluke; it’s the result of a carefully curated strategy.

RED PAC meticulously endorses conservative candidates who align with its core values: steadfast advocacy for private property rights as a cornerstone of individual freedom, support of increased energy independent economic development opportunities, unwavering dedication to fiscal responsibility, a deep-rooted commitment to government transparency, and acknowledgement of the significance of rural communities and their contributions to our nation’s economy. By pinpointing candidates who resonate with these values, and channeling its resources to boost their campaigns, RED PAC not only successfully translates its endorsements into significant electoral victories but also reinforces these essential conservative principles at various government levels.

Looking ahead, RED PAC’s influence is poised to expand even further. The organization has set its sights on the upcoming Louisiana October primary elections, aiming to replicate its successes by supporting candidates who fit its conservative mold. But their ambition doesn’t stop there; with the November races also on the horizon, RED PAC is preparing to make a significant mark, bringing their expertise and resources to bear in support of their chosen candidates.

As the approach of both the October primary and the November races, candidates, political enthusiasts, and the broader public will be closely attuned, recognizing the considerable influence that RED PAC’s engagement can wield over the results of these elections.

Given their impressive track record, and the resources at their disposal, RED PAC’s involvement in the upcoming Louisiana primary and November races is bound to have profound implications. Their continued involvement cements their role as a significant influencer, further asserting their dominant position in the ever-evolving landscape of conservative politics.

Drawing from their past achievements and strategic approaches, their active role in these elections is poised to bring about a transformative effect, solidifying their preeminent position in shaping the trajectory of elections in rural communities, furthering economic development and shaping conservative politics in the United States.