Gregory Candelario on Leading the Nutraceutical Manufacturing Powerhouse “Nutrables”

Shuan Barber
3 min readJan 9, 2021

Over recent years, the increase in awareness about the impact of food and dietary choices has encouraged millions of people worldwide to make significant changes in their lifestyle. The number of health conscious and vegans has grown exponentially, and as a result, different niches in the food industry have risen to meet their needs. In particular, engaged stakeholders in the gummy vitamins sector have responded accordingly, offering top-notch and healthy dietary supplements. One company emerging as a new leader in this area is Nutrables, a nutraceutical starch less contract manufacturer venture co-founded by visionary Gregory Candelario.

Hailing from Scottsdale, AZ, this go-getter joined the United States Marine Corps at the height of the war on terror. He served as a highly-decorated sniper, doing multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict-stricken areas. After being wounded in combat, Purple Heart recipient Gregory Candelario offered his expertise and extensive experience to other US government agencies, providing special protective services as a sniper to high-ranking government officials including the President, Vice President, and Secretaries of State. Included in his impressive portfolio is his work in specialized operations with Black Water and Triple Canopy.

Today, he stands as the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nutrables, a newly esteemed vitamin gummy contract manufacturer for some of the country’s biggest brands whose products can be seen at retail chains, such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

At the core of this emerging powerhouse is the goal of delivering quality organic gummies as a USDA Organic manufacturer to retail brands pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Its efforts are also geared towards modernizing nutraceutical gummies to accelerate the global acceptance of this more nutritious alternative for supplements by banking on innovation, functional ingredients, technology, and sustainability.

Gregory Candelario, who stands at the helm of Nutrables, is known for his vision and strategic approach toward addressing one of the biggest problems gummy vitamin manufacturers face — great tasting vegan gummies. Backed by some of the brightest minds in the industry to solve this dilemma, Nutrables has strategically invested millions heavily refining its starch-free confectionery depositors, its bottling packaging capabilities and incorporating robotic packaging stations in the process.

Apart from its products, what has propelled Nutrables to the forefront is its commitment to reinventing how things are done within the nutraceutical gummy marketplace. More effectively and efficiently than a lot of the competition, it has harnessed the power of over 100 years of industry knowledge at its executive and R&D level to develop cutting-edge new products and processes.

Currently, Nutrables boasts an astounding 50,000 square foot facility with six state-of-the-art starch-less confectionery machines capable of producing over a million vitamin pectin gummies per hour. Thanks to these, Gregory’s brainchild has positioned itself to launch some impressive new formulations and brands amid the COVID-19 crisis.

In the coming months, Nutrables is expected to reach greater heights. The company is on track to closing tens of millions in manufacturing contracts this year, this mogul is set to cement its standing at the top of the industry through its upcoming 100,000 square foot second facility and closely observing quality, short response time, and worldwide distribution, superior customer service, and innovation.

Learn more about Gregory Candelario by visiting his website and Instagram page. More information about Nutrables can be found here.