Dre Mudaris Champions Financial Literacy for Youths in Children To Wealth Program

Shuan Barber
3 min readOct 11, 2021

Financial ignorance has cost a lot of people significant opportunities and limited the potential of communities. But, on the other hand, the availability of relevant information on the financial landscape has often proven to be a game-changer on the path to success. As a result, American businessman Dre Mudaris embarked on a mission to create better societies by educating its children on the ins and outs of personal and business finance and management.

Dre Mudaris is a Jamaican-American real estate investor, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and financial literacy activist. The 30-year-old serial entrepreneur from Denville, New Jersey, has built a flourishing career in the real estate industry, from investments to development ventures and property management projects in his home state and Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, he is the founder of The Uncle Dre Club and Children To Wealth — a private education company focused on providing personal and business financial education through seminars, books, and educational products worldwide.

Dre Mudaris maintains now more than ever it has become imperative for people to be financially literate as the alternative makes the road to success much more daunting. His motivation to start his own company to bridge the gap in financial education was born at the end of one of his talks delivered at a local middle school in his hometown. After the event, speaking with students and teachers highlighted the severe lack of financial knowledge on even what he considered “the most basic” financial topics. As a result, Mudaris took it upon himself to effect changes in his community regarding the issue. Consequently, Children To Wealth was born and had been serving the community in the years since.

In a remarkably innovative and slightly unusual approach, Dre Mudaris chose to focus his attention mainly on the children and youth of society. Adults are certainly not excluded from his financial education drive; however, Dre believes that it is crucial to introduce children to financial concepts as soon as possible. For this reason, he has written over 30 children’s books covering a range of financial concepts not taught in schools — utilizing games, TV shows, educational books, quizzes, audiovisual, and culturally relevant material to expound on taxes, the history of money, savings, life insurance, and investments.

Children To Wealth employs practical, age-appropriate, and parent-approved content in its programs to empower youths to gain financial confidence, create awareness and inspire hope in communities, as well as better equip children for significant life transitions — helping them avoid the financial mistakes of others before them. In addition, his book series are designed in such a way that adults and children can have a bonding experience as they learn new principles and terminologies together.

Dre Mudaris’ mission at Children To Wealth is to see each student graduate from the program with the knowledge and capacity to develop a strategy to earn money right there in their communities, make responsible financial decisions regarding eating spending and investing, properly prioritize their needs and wants, and set financial goals — following a practical strategy towards obtaining it.

Throughout the communities and schools he has impacted, Dre Mudaris seeks to give each student a financial blueprint they can resonate with and follow — improving their lives and, by extension, creating a better society. He is devoted to cultivating the right attitude to money in youths, showing them that success is progressive and that it is never too early to begin.

To learn more about Dre Mudaris and Children To Wealth, visit Instagram or the official website.