Cass Cardelle Chases Her Dreams While Helping Rebuild Lebanon Through Digital Artistry

On the afternoon of August 4, 2020, a powerful explosion in Beirut shook the country of Lebanon and the whole world. What is now left in its wake is total devastation. Lebanon’s largest and capital city records at least two hundred deaths, with an estimated 5,000 injuries and several missing persons.

These numbers, along with multiple extreme property damages, have given life to protests demanding accountability and international efforts to rebuild the city. Among those efforts are that of the content creator, recording artist, and T-shirt designer Cass Cardelle.

The Boston native who now resides in Los Angeles, California, has kept herself busy during the quarantine. Cass has been collaborating with several brands, making music, and working on designing her very own collection of graphic T-shirts and merchandise.

Growing up, Cass has always been a dreamer. She had always dreamed of a better life and a better world for everybody. The down-to-earth artist decided, at a young age, to make those dreams come true.

“I originally moved to LA for more acting opportunities and just made music on the side,” she reveals. Over the years that Cass lived in LA, she was invited and flown to Alabama to be a part of a CMT Dating Show. After that, the artist and designer traveled to Japan to perform her music, where her popularity grew.

After an outstanding performance in Japan, Cass had offers flooding in. Established brands were knocking on her door to work with them through social media and print modeling. Of course, being in the entertainment industry, Cass has had to grow from rejection but never found it reason enough to give up. Even a severe injury two years ago was not enough to deter the young talent.

“I fractured eight bones and had a five month recovery, unable to work in retail, shoots, attend castings, or make music which were all hobbies I’ve always loved that turned into jobs when I moved to LA,” she recalls.

Recovering from the unfortunate accident, Cass grew even more determined to succeed. She reminds herself that one thing leads to another, and everything that has happened was for a reason. “I want to keep growing and live a creative life which is why I’m designing some graphic T-shirts to sell online.” However, Cass’s reason for starting the business would soon be driven by a cause bigger than herself.

Seeing the devastation of Beirut on the news affected Cass and gave her a renewed drive to finish and market her T-shirt collection. With everything that has been plaguing the world, Cass hopes to donate a small percentage of her profit from the collection to help Lebanon start anew.

A philanthropist and an artist at heart, in five years, Cass sees herself pursuing her modeling, art, and music all over the world. “I hope I can become successful enough to make an impact on charities of my choice.”

At present, Cass is still working on her graphic T-shirt collection, which will be out soon. She hopes to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and to become agents of positive change, helping whenever they can. The singer recently released the music video for her original song entitled “LYIN’,” which is available on music streaming sites and YouTube.

Help Cass Cardelle in her efforts to contribute to rebuilding Lebanon. Stay updated on the release of her upcoming T-shirt collection and with her music on Instagram and YouTube.



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