Beta Bowl Guides Youngsters in Launching Businesses Designed to Help in the Pandemic

Shuan Barber
3 min readSep 19, 2020

Beta Bowl takes the lead in transforming business ideas of high school students into business realities. This virtual entrepreneurial program guides students throughout the step-by-step process of building a business. From forming a business plan down to creating an investor pitch, each student learns the ins and outs of the actual business world. With the onset of COVID-19, several students have generated innovative ideas that address the crisis the world faces today. Beta Bowl seeks to turn each idea into a reality.

Rachel Greenberg, the founder of Beta Bowl, is a former Wall Street investment banker who shifted to full-time entrepreneurship. She has helped implement marketing strategies, branding campaigns, and investor pitch decks that have collectively amassed millions in revenue. She also founded the Zero-to-60 digital business accelerator program to help first-time female entrepreneurs start their businesses. Today, she seeks to help the younger generation learn the art of entrepreneurship and is doing so through the virtual Beta Bowl business-building extracurricular program.

Betal Bowl is a virtual educational enrichment program designed to introduce entrepreneurship to motivated teenagers and future business moguls. It has been vetted by more than 170 university business students from top US business schools. Several colleges and college prep companies have also promoted and endorsed the program. In just the past two months, more than 350 students from all over the country have completed Beta Bowl programs, and the student outcomes and innovative new businesses are vast and impressive.

Beta Bowl is proud to work with a wide range of students of varying ages, experience levels, and backgrounds, from the complete novices with no particular idea to the tech-savvy experts seeking to turn their inventions into marketable products.

Cara G., a 9th grader who had no business idea, came up with a device to make in-store shopping safer while boosting brick-and-mortar revenue. Another 10th grader and Beta Bowl student, Zach L., who had no business background, turned the wonders of mask decorating into a business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) venture. At present, his business has catered to parents and hospitals. Alana W., a 10th grader with a passion for literacy, has even spun her Beta Bowl experience into a successful nonprofit, Bookworm Global, that’s already donated over 5,000 books to 9 nonprofits serving students in need and has trained over 150 volunteers and counting.

Fueled by his passion for coding and determination to use his skills to improve the world, high school senior Krish Chaudhary developed artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology geared to monitor social distancing in enclosed spaces. However, upon completing his project, he was unsure of how to bring his product into the hands of the people and organizations that could benefit from it. This led Krish to enter the Beta Bowl community, and he is currently working on turning his innovative software into a B2B business to be implemented in hospitals, schools, and physical stores throughout the United States.

It is truly impressive and inspiring to see young minds generating great ideas that can make a huge difference to the world. Cara, Zach, Alana, and Krish are only a few of the many young innovators emerging from the Beta Bowl program, many of whom are devising creative and practical business ideas and solutions to enhance our world and everyday life. Beta Bowl believes that business should not be reserved for college graduates or kept at arms’ length from the motivated youth out there with the ambition and initiative to start making a difference now.
Young people should be given the tools, resources, knowledge, and support to explore entrepreneurship, tap into their own creativity and ingenuity, and bring innovative ideas to life, and they shouldn’t need an MBA to afford them that opportunity. With that, the program is committed to providing a platform where ideas can be created, grown, and executed.

To learn more about Beta Bowl, please visit its official website.