Author and Professional PR Writer Larry Stansbury’s Unwavering Passion for Writing

Shuan Barber
3 min readMay 13, 2021

One of the biggest lies that society tells us is the promise of a stable life once we complete our education, but life never follows the script we plan out. The few who do get to follow their plans are often the privileged, leaving the others to take a different route to success. Larry Stansbury is one of those who had to take the longer course to become the prominent writer he is today.

Larry Stansbury is a Manhattan-based writer with many bylines, covering a wide range of topics like lifestyle, sports, entertainment, sex, and relationships. Stansbury has established himself as one of the most versatile authors in the writing space. Among his many accomplishments, the author has written for online publications like PopSugar, Good Housekeeping, Her Campus, and more. Stansbury specializes in public relations, knowing many top editors, publicists, and publications in the New York area.

The versatile author’s success is the product of the lessons that he learned throughout his life. When he was younger, Larry Stansbury’s mother got into an accident that gave her severe back pain. While his father had to work hard and disappear for several days to bring food to the table, Stansbury would act as the second parent, caring for his mother and helping around at home. Despite the busy schedule he dealt with, Stansbury did exceptionally well at school, crafting his writing skills.

The young and budding author wrote extensively for several publications and blogs, giving him an outlet to express himself creatively. However, Stansbury would endure more trials, dealing with cyber attacks and bullying. While most people would have surrendered, the young writer endured. Larry Stansbury continued to push on, graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Writing and Rhetoric.

Although Stansbury had the credentials to earn a great job, he had to deal with discrimination and rejection. Many companies rejected him for the color of his skin and told him that he lacked the experience to join their team. Frustrated but determined to endure, Stansbury decided to create his own experience. The process would take a while, but Larry Stansbury had the patience to endure. Throughout his journey, he received guidance and learned how to improve himself personally and professionally.

Eventually, Stansbury exercised his knowledge and started to practice as a freelance writer, delving into public relations professionally. Once he began to gain momentum, the writer decided to share his story with the world through his writing, producing Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time.

Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time is a story of courage and represents a raging sea of emotions like love, care, heartbreak, and aspirations. With personal accounts and advice highlighted in the book, Stansbury offers readers the opportunity to overcome their conflicts, cope with rejections, and embrace newfound confidence. “The focus of the book is on my distinctive trials and tribulations with a demonstration of how I conquered my fears, accomplished my dreams, and found myself amid my struggles,” shared the author.

Since then, Larry Stansbury has shifted his sights to the future, where he hopes to build a career that utilizes his greatest passion. “I see myself at a magazine or digital platform for creatives,” he shared enthusiastically. “I hope to see myself doing brand partnerships in the future.”

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